One in a million

February 12, 2011

Aaliyah was another artist that influenced me greatly, growing up. There is so much to say about Aaliyah. She was such a talented singer, dancer, and overall entertainer. It was obvious that she was beautiful inside and out. She was strong and independent but classy and graceful at the same time.  She was so good at everything she did, yet was so humble about it. She definitely grew as an artist throughout the years but what I loved about her most was that she maintained her own unique style. I personally feel so fortunate to have had an artist and female figure like her to look up to while I was growing up.

From 2nd grade onwards I would make it my mission to be like Aaliyah. I would collect all of her posters from the “Word up!” magazines and arrange them all over my wall. I especially remember her one poster, from a Tommy Hilfiger shoot (the one below), that I kept forever. Remember this one?

When we moved homes in 1997, I brought this poster with me and made it the center point of my poster arrangement. That picture influenced me during most of my childhood years: I dressed like a tomboy, I wore my hair straight and parted it to the side to cover one eye and did a million crunches so that I would have flat abs. I would practice singing  songs like “Age Ain’t Nothing but a Number“, “Back and Fourth” and “Choosey Lover” in my room. I would practice her dance moves in videos like “One in a Million” and “Four Page Letter”.  In fact, it was those videos that sparked my first interest in hip hop dancing. Throughout middle school, high school and college I continued dancing and it has been one of my main passion-all thanks to her. My favorite songs by Aaliyah would have to be, “One in a Million”“If Your Girl Only New”, and “Four Page Letter”.

In general,  I just loved her style. I loved the crew she collaborated with: Missy, Ginuwine, Timbaland, Magoo and the whole fam. What’s interesting is that I never stopped listening to Aaliyah because she never stopped making great music. Up until the day she had to leave us, she was still making top hits. Aaliyah was something else; she is truly is irreplaceable. Aaliyah is one in a million. She will never be forgotten.


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