Nouvelle Vague – In a manner of speaking

February 15, 2011

What a romantic song; one of those songs I can never really get enough of. This song creates a beautiful vision. It takes me away for a little bit. It makes me envision walking down a not-so-crowded cobblestone alley, locking hands with my sweetheart (the nonexistent one) on a beautiful Spring morning in Paris. I tend to love songs, that by merely listening to them, can take me to another place; I think it is pretty impressive when a song can have that much of an impact on one’s imagination. Take a listen! See where it takes you.

Nouvelle Vague, consisting of two musicians (Marc Collin & Olivier Libaux) and various singers, is a French band that respectfully recreates their own covers of various punk, bluegrass and new wave songs. I love their style because it is very artistic, relaxing and imagination-evoking. If you like this song, you may also enjoy the following:

  1. “love will tear us a apart”
  2. “Dance with me”
  3. “Marian”

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