One of my faves from Common. Three words to describe this song: Deep, witty and thought-provoking.


Sia – “Lentil”

June 15, 2011

How can you not get lost in her music? There is nothing but raw emotion and soul in all of her songs. I also enjoy the beat because it’s very unique and a little funky. I love love love the last chorus because she gets more and more into it and it’s as though all of her emotions just come out and they come out so powerfully and beautifully. My other faves by Sia include: “Soon We’ll be Found” and “Breath Me”. Check em out!

Feist, a Canadian born pop-rock singer and songwriter, has become one of my favorite artists. Her soothing notes, her raw expression and sad lyrics about love really connect with me. The first time I heard her she reminded me much of Sia so I got really excited! I just fell in love with this song “intuition” and have been listening to it on repeat for the last two weeks! I love the lyrics as well because it’s somewhat of a mystery until you really listen to it.  It’s not a straight forward love song –  it makes you think a little. Shouts out to U. J. for introducing this to me and big thanks for the sick indie mix!

I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am about Amel’s new album, Ice Cream Every Day, which is supposed to be out real soon! I’m most excited because I got a sneak peek of some of her new songs at the last concert I went to of hers, last Spring at the Birchmere. I fell in love with two, in particular: “you’re the shh” and “Something Better”. She always holds it down! Can’t wait!

Miguel Jontel: one of my favorite new r&b artists & songwriters. Miguel is one of the best things that’s happened to modern r&b in a while. His music has an old school/ underground r&b flavor to it which I absolutely adore. The first song I’d heard of his was “All I want is you”, which definitely got my attention and had me rock’n to the beat. That song was followed by several other wonderful songs. More than any other genre of music, r&b has had the most influence on me; it defines me and takes me back to my roots. For this reason alone, I have such an appreciation for great r&b artists. What I love about Miguel the most is the old school soul (not old old school, relax) in his voice; takes me back to the days of Jodeci and Tony,Toni,Tone! I like that he’s doing his own thing; he stands out from the rest of them and does it with confidence. He writes great music, as well.  “All I want is you” was fly because it had a nice flow and hot beat. “Sure thing”, similarly, has a smooth flow and is super romantic; the lyrics are sweet and sincere and could make any girl feel special. I also have a big crush on his guitarist; he gets so into the  music when performing – it’s so sexy. Go ahead, Miguel + cute guitar player, do yall’s thang.