Sia – “Lentil”

June 15, 2011

How can you not get lost in her music? There is nothing but raw emotion and soul in all of her songs. I also enjoy the beat because it’s very unique and a little funky. I love love love the last chorus because she gets more and more into it and it’s as though all of her emotions just come out and they come out so powerfully and beautifully. My other faves by Sia include: “Soon We’ll be Found” and “Breath Me”. Check em out!


One Response to “Sia – “Lentil””

  1. […] I haven’t seen a performance this moving and passion-filled in a long time. She simply pours her heart and soul out in this performance, while fully exposing her ground-shaking vocals. This is raw emotion; raw expression with no limit. While it’s apparent just how incredibly talented this New Zealand-born vocalist is, she fascinates me even more with her unique style. She doesn’t quite fit in any single genre, opts instead for a blend of jazz, old school r&b and soul groove with an indie-pop feel – AKA best combination ever! It’s like all my worlds colliding into one perfect one. Think: Maxwell meets Sia. […]

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