La Roux – Cover my eyes

August 29, 2011

One of my all-time faves by La Roux:

Shout out to my big bro, Amol – thx for introducing!


Loving this song! It’s playful, funky and liberating! Something about this song makes me want to run into an open field and just dance and enjoy the beauty around me. Great post-hurricane music! On repeat for now 🙂

Wow! I haven’t heard a voice this good in a very long time. Her voice gives me chills. It is absolutely flawless and effortless – she just simply sits there, opens her mouth and this beautiful voice just falls out. Even though there are so many amazing artists in the indie pop world, I think she really stands out and steps it up because of the pureness and flawlessness in her voice; it’s soft and smooth yet so powerful and captivating at the same time. Also, as she mentioned in an interview, she has a strong influence from r&b which I think adds uniqueness and a different level of soulfulness to her music. I plan to explore her music much further and hope to one day see her live.

MUST watch the video – very entertaining!!

Yes, of course, just another sad song that I can’t stop listening to! I can’t help it, I love my sad songs! I’ve really gotten into Sara Bareilles this year! I think she is very talented. I love her confidence and how much soul she has in her music. This song + video is absolutely brilliant – it’s super creative and really describes what so many of us go through when things just keep going wrong: hopelessness. Whether it’s that bad relationship you keep having over and over again or that rejection you keep getting after sending application after application, we all go through this and we all have times of hopelessness. I really love the ending of this video because it shows a happily ever after moment – it makes me have faith that there is a brighter day and things do fall into place. After all, every obstacle is part of the journey.