December 13, 2011

So I know that Thanksgiving is way over but this overwhelming feeling of gratitude just came to me and I’d love to share:

As I’ve been living in the moment these past couple of months, and fully enjoying every experience, I never stopped to notice how significantly content I’ve been. I’ve definitely had my random ups and downs, but for the most part, I’ve been okay (which is better than happy, in my personal opinion).

I feel so blessed for everything I’ve attracted to my life right now. I’m surrounded by unconditional love, togetherness and excitement.  I’m focusing on what I love: spirituality, fitness, and health. I have a job that inspires me, excites me and keeps me going. I have family that supports me, loves me and laughs with me every single day. I have friends that motivate me, take care of me and accept me fully.

It’s these small moments that I appreciate so much – like when I find myself laughing so hard that I’m almost crying (shout out to my crazy co-worker Cindy aka Dwight), or these sweet texts I get at the end of the night telling me someone loves me so much (shout out to my sister Reena), or that little push I get to come out of my comfort zone and live life with a little bit of spontaneity (shout out to my big bro Amol for convincing me to go ice skating) – It’s these moments that are worth appreciating and celebrating. I’m so thankful. I say all of these things with nothing but gratitude.


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