This Aveda must-have has a very light, clean and earthy scent with notes of lavender, bergamont, petitgrain and ylang ylang, amongst others. I find it to be calming and grounding. It’s a little less fragrant than I typically prefer but it’s perfect when practicing meditation or yoga, as the aroma doesn’t become a distraction. Because of the organic ingredients and the soy wax, it doesn’t give me any of those irritating sinus issues or headaches! It also blows out so cleanly, producing no smoke at all – magical :)!


One of my all-time faves by the Amel Larriuex. Perfect song to start off the New Year! This year and from now on, I want to live a life of possibility. Everyday is a new opportunity to start over again. Everyday is a new chance to make things right. Everyday is a new opening to start doing. I wish everyone infinite possibilities, endless love and inner peace. Don’t forget to laugh! Happy 2012!