Sonal Shah Maryland

Innertune is about the tune in my head or the song in my heart: a metaphor to reflect all of the things that speak to me. It’s the things that inspire me from the music I listen to, the literature I read and the people I interact with. It’s about all of my passions: soulful music, compassion, transformation, cooking, reading, creativity, holistic health and spirituality.

More than anything, this blog is about self-expression.  Often, I just want someone to get the same happiness I did through a certain medium or get inspired by something I was inspired by. Either way, I want to thank you in advance for letting me express myself. I hope you enjoy 😉

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4 Responses to “About”

  1. jairus adams Says:

    hi sonal im not trying to seem like im stalking you but i found this from google and i like it nice. job.. jairus

  2. nathanadamsjairus Says:

    was that you on facebook who added me and i went to the club called sax maybe another sonal lol

  3. jairus adams Says:

    will you be at the pathways expo this year coming up at the end of this week….im trying to be there.. its in falls church though not the college park location

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