Ingrid – Giving Up

April 29, 2012


Love me some Emeli Sandé, a 24-year old Scottish r&b/soul vocalist & songwriter, who’s killin’ it with her latest tune, “My Kind of Love”. That voice infused with a backdrop of smooth piano and hip hop makes for a perfect track & happens to be my new fave song! Even more, the meaning and message behind this song is very dear;  it’s the idea of  non-superficial/authentic/deep love, support & friendship, that has no limit. LOVE IT!

Sanchez – Missing You

March 9, 2012

It was a perfect day here in Maryland: slightly warm & uber-breezy – hopefully a prelude to an even more perfect Spring. On days like these, I love listening to soft reggae tunes about love. Artists like Sanchez, Barrington Levy, Jah Cure or Bitty McLean sing these beautiful love songs that have so much feeling/soul in them; the lyrics just warm my heart. I find myself getting really into the songs and connecting with the rhythm. These types of tunes offer feelings of romance, effortless joy and comfort. This song, especially, makes me feel like I have no care in the world; it eases my mind. I would love a coconut, a straw and my feet in the ocean right about now. In the meantime I’ll keep this on repeat and continue to use my imagination! Enjoy 🙂