Fixation = understatement, when it comes to “Withdraw” by 22-year-old singer & songwriter, Kimbra Johnson. Just as I can’t keep this song out of my head, I can’t resist sharing my obsession with it any longer!

I haven’t seen a performance this moving and passion-filled in a long time. She simply pours her heart and soul out while fully exposing her ground-shaking vocals. This is raw emotion; raw expression with no limit. While it’s apparent just how incredibly talented this New Zealand-born vocalist is, she fascinates me even further with her unique style. She doesn’t quite fit in any single genre, opts instead for a blend of jazz, old school r&b and soul groove with an indie-pop finish – AKA best combination ever! It’s like all my worlds colliding into one perfect one. Think: Maxwell meets Sia.

Great song, amazing performance. Back to repeat, for now 🙂


Can never get enough of “little bit” by Lykke Li. Lykke Li is a Swedish indie/electronica vocalist who I’m absolutely addicted to. Everything about her is so interesting: her voice, her style, her songs. Her voice is absolutely captivating. Some of her songs make me emotional, in a good way-can’t really explain it. I love artists who can evoke a lot of emotion through their songs. Artists like Sia, A Fine Frenzy, La Roux, and Amanda Rogers, or even The Cranberries (all-time fave band), etc. are all great examples of that. I love her artistic, funky and mysterious persona. Her lyrics are way applicable to many girls’ love lives. All of Lykke Li’s songs are very moving and super unique.  Shout out to S.M. from SD for introducing me to her a couple of years back. Loved the remix of this song with Drake (my fave crush). Looking forward to seeing her at the 9:30 club on May 15th with my two best gyals. If you like this, you may also enjoy these other songs:

  1. Sia – “Soon we’ll be found”
  2. La Roux – “Cover my eyes”
  3. Lykke Li – “Breaking it up”
  4. Nouvelle Vague – “Ever fallen in love”
  5. Bat for Lashes – “Strange Love”

What a romantic song; one of those songs I can never really get enough of. This song creates a beautiful vision. It takes me away for a little bit. It makes me envision walking down a not-so-crowded cobblestone alley, locking hands with my sweetheart (the nonexistent one) on a beautiful Spring morning in Paris. I tend to love songs, that by merely listening to them, can take me to another place; I think it is pretty impressive when a song can have that much of an impact on one’s imagination. Take a listen! See where it takes you.

Nouvelle Vague, consisting of two musicians (Marc Collin & Olivier Libaux) and various singers, is a French band that respectfully recreates their own covers of various punk, bluegrass and new wave songs. I love their style because it is very artistic, relaxing and imagination-evoking. If you like this song, you may also enjoy the following:

  1. “love will tear us a apart”
  2. “Dance with me”
  3. “Marian”